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Panel 1

How to Attract the Best Candidates?

Chair: Ed Miller, Dean and CEO Emeritus, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, USA
Vice Chair:      Alexander Borbély, Vice president emeritus, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Member: Freddie Hamdy, Chair of Surgery, Oxford University, Oxford, UK

The selection of an academic medical chair is one of the most important events in the life of an institution. The Dean of the Medical School should define the position with input from hospital administration and nursing. A proper selection of the search committee is vital to success. Its members should have academic credibility among their peers and be ready to make the required time commitment. Gender representation should be considered. Confidentiality is important and negative remarks about potential candidates should be provided in writing and verified. Including faculty members of the department may provide more expert insights but increases the risk of conflicts of interest. Cross-departmental representation and members from other academic institutions may bring in valuable new viewpoints. The recruitment package should contain a clear and flexible definition of the job responsibilities and accountability. The investment from the institution should include the personal requirements of the candidate such as remuneration, spouse employment, children schooling and tuition, housing and re-location issues; and professional prerequisites such as infrastructure (administration, space, and personnel), professional scientific and/or clinical critical mass, start-up funding, budgetary control and acceptable levels of managerial autonomy. The institution should exert sufficient flexibility to accommodate ‘blue sky’ visions from prospective candidates. This could take the form of new provision of infrastructure, staffing, space, personnel or other resources based on a clear plan and strategy with a minimum 5-year projection and regular peer-review. Above all, the candidate must have a “fire in the belly” to lead the Department.

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